All our Italian truffles and mushrooms are carefully hand-picked by experts and connoisseurs, to be processed or directly marketed and distributed to all those who appreciate the unique taste of these prized Tubers. With our selection of truffles we try to meet the needs of those who are used to enjoying the most exquisite, White and Black truffles, fresh or dry, and who appreciate our mushroom and truffle based products too. In order to to guarantee the best possible aroma and taste, we select and offer only those truffles that have reached the perfect ripeness.

Thanks to our sincere passion for products from Piedmont and Umbria and for high quality food in general, we have been dedicating ourselves for years and always with the same enthusiasm to the choice of fresh truffles, selecting prime food only. Our truffles are available in different sizes, they are fresh, thoroughly cleaned and ready to satisfy the most refined and demanding tastes.
The truffles we propose are: White Alba Truffle (Tuber Magnum pico), the Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum), Burgundy Truffle or Autumn Truffle (Tuber Uncinatum Vitt.), and Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), all strictly picked in Piedmont (Langhe and Monferrato) and Umbria.
We have a genuine passion for the trade of fresh truffles, and among our friends there are many Truffle seekers who provide us with fresh, high quality and guaranteed product.
Conform to the principles of correctness and reliability towards our customers, we offer and sell only fresh truffles in season.
We guarantee that we always have an “artisan” approach in the choice of our truffles, and that we always use raw materials in season, carefully selected and properly washed.
In respect to packaged truffle and mushroom products, it is important to point out that the delicacies we offer are made without adding any preservative, not to alter the original taste and flavor of our delicious Italian truffles.
Such a fine, delicate and special taste deserves to be savored in all its naturalness.

When you receive your truffles it is important to store them properly to guarantee the best possible flavor. Wrap the truffles in paper towels or cotton cloths (such as cheese cloth) and put them in a closed glass jar or plastic container in the lower part of your refrigerator. Remember to change the paper towels every 2 days to keep their flavor. Some people like to put a few whole, raw eggs (in their shells) in the container alongside their truffles in order to infuse the eggs with the truffles' intoxicating aroma. 

Our truffle based products are extremely versatile; they can be used as a seasoning for all types of white pasta, to add flavor to eggs or meat and to prepare tasty snacks that will satisfy even the most refined tastes.
As to fresh truffles, it is preferable to wrap them in paper towels or cotton cloths, to put them in a glass jar and keep them closed in the lower part of your refrigerator. Remember to change the paper towels every 2 days to keep their flavor.

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