Our online store offers a unique selection of artisan sophisticated European and Italian cheeses, all with a unique flavor and inimitable. Our cheeses are selected according to the criteria of quality, uniqueness and absolute respect for the environment and for the cattle.
Our care in the choice of specialties with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin is a guarantee of the highest quality of the processing methods used, which are the result of customs and practices adopted over the centuries in different regions of Italy and of Europe in the art of dairy production. Our selection includes milk cheeses as diverse as: Cow, Goat, Sheep and Buffalo, to meet the tastes and dietary needs of all cheese fans and consumers.

We personally know all our cheese manufacturers and suppliers. This help us to monitor them constantly. Every type of cheese is selected and tested by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the dairy industry, as the Romans said in the “ars casearia”, that is “the art of cheese”.

It's important to us always to point out the origin of our cheese and of the ingredients used in their production. Our constant goal is to be as clear and transparent as possible with our customers, to better respond to the needs of fans and lovers of European and Italian cheese.

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