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When Artichokes appear in the market, you know Spring has arrived. Bertagni's Artichoke Ravioli capture their distinctive seasonal flavors at their peak of freshness. Encased in a thin layer of semolina pasta, the herbaceous, sweet flavors of the artichokes are allowed to shine through. A versatile pasta, these Italians raviolis are fantastic when paired with a light tomato or lemon-scented cream sauce, or simply tossed with olive oil and a shaving of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
Founded in 1882 in Bologna, Bertagni claims the title of the world's oldest producer of tortellini. Now, almost a 150 years later, Bertagni still bases all
of their pastas on traditional, classic recipes from Italian regional cooking.
Using only the highest quality ingredients, without any preservatives or artificial flavorings, Bertagni filled pastas are crafted to highlight the
fillings. For each variety, the shape and thickness of the pasta dough is uniquely tailored to feature the fresh flavors and textures of the filling. While
the methods have been modernized, the recipes still remain deeply rooted in tradition. This attention to detail and adherence to their past make Bertagni
filled pastas a truly authentic culinary experience.

Serving suggestion: Try to make delicious pasta recipes with our artichoke ravioli just adding few simple ingredients like a drizzle of extra-virgin oil, some butter and a sprinkle of grated Parmigiano or Grana cheese.

Pasta and Sauces

Our range of fresh pasta, dry pasta and sauces reflects our passion for Italian cuisine.
Sensibus is half Italian, and the pasta is definitely the symbol of Italian cuisine par excellence, together with as its sauces and seasonings. The reason why Italy is considered one of the best producers of pasta in the world is that apart from being good at cooking it, we are very good at eating it! That's why we choose producers with extreme accuracy and we personally taste the pasta before offering it to our customers. The quality, texture, porosity, thickness of the sheet are all essential elements in first quality pasta.

We can recognize its quality just looking at it, touching it, cooking it and stirring it using wooden spoons with care no to spoil it. We know how to dress and serve it, we can recognize its consistency even before tasting it.
We are able to control every stage of the production of our pasta, from the choice of meal to the packaging, which won't be the same for paccheri, spaghetti, vermicelli or stuffed tortelloni.
This awareness makes us consider each type a unique variety of pasta and not just the same stuff with different shapes.

There are things one can learn about pasta only by cooking it: it's the experience that allows you to know exactly how to cook it properly, how to check its quality and how to bring out its natural deliciousness by adding some simple ingredients. If you feel you are a true connoisseur of pasta, this the right place for you.

Tasting is a ritual of senses, where sight and smell combine with taste to create an authentic gustatory experience. The ritual takes place in several stages, in order to reach a climax imparting the essayer the true awareness of the experience of tasting.

How do we check the quality of pasta?
Once the pasta is cooked, respecting the cooking times, it must be poured into a dish without any seasonings to observe the typical straw-yellow color and to check the sweet smell of wheat while it is still very hot. We do this and much more before offering our customers a product which represents Italy in the world.

Shipping & Returns

Sensibus is committed to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of its perishable food products. To do this, we are constantly researching, developing and improving our packaging system. Your cheeses are packaged in insulated cartons and fitted with ice packs to ensure quality standards for up to 48 hours. Items ordered together are not necessarily shipped together.

In order to guarantee freshness, we cut most of our cheeses to order by hand and we do our very best to cut it as accurately as possible. There still remains a possibility of a shipping a cheese that is slightly bigger or smaller than what has been ordered. All listed measurements and weights are approximate. Please, consider that this is one of the challenges of offering a hand-crafted food product, and that we do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied.

Due to the  perishable nature of many of the products that we offer, limited shipping options are provided. The customer however, can choose from a selection of shipment options, all of which guarantee to maintain the integrity of the product until the point of delivery. All products are shipped from our fulfillment center in California, in the best suited packaging. For perishables, an  insulated cooler will be packed with ice to keep the products cool while in transit.

Sensibus guarantees the highest quality of all its products. In the event you consider a product unsatisfactory, the product will either be replaced or a credit will be issued. Please contact us by emailing or by the “Returns Request Module” that you find in your Account, describing your problem within twenty-four hours from the product's delivery.

Please review our shipping and returns policy here as they may have recently changed.

Please note that our shipping costs depend on the zone and on the weight of the package.

Shipping Charges

Standard shipping charges are calculated using the total dollar amount of merchandise ordered for each delivery address provided, as detailed in the chart below:

$0 - $50 $50 - $90 $90 - $190 over  $190
Ground $10.00 $13.00 $16.00 Free
Next Day Air Saver® (1 day - by end of day) $17.00 $22.00 $32.00 15%
Next Day Air® (1 day) $24.00 $32.00 $40.00 18%

- Perishable items might include special insulated boxes and ice-gel packs to keep items cool until arrival.

- When ordering perishable products and Ground Shipping can't deliver your order as quickly as we require, we do not display Ground as a shipping option in the checkout process.

- Oversized items may take longer to be delivered and sometimes require special treatment.

- If you place your order after 2:00 pm on Thursday and before 2:00 pm on Friday, you may have possibility to choose Saturday as a delivery option, depending on delivery destination. Note that there will be a $15 surcharge applied for Saturday delivery, as per the rates charged by our carrier partners. If you do not need to have the goods by Saturday, please choose standard delivery options, and your order will be shipped Monday, or the next working business day.

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