Soft Cheese

They are neither fresh nor hard. We are talking of soft cheeses, characterized by a rather high water content, between 45% and about 70%, sometimes spreadable, sometimes melting. A heavenly treat for cheese lovers!

What is a soft cheese

Soft cheeses are produced by breaking the curd into big fragments, then squeezed and kneaded. The curd is not subject to heating or pressure the cheese and this is why the paste is soft. And even when the wheel is in full curing (which in any case is quite short) it remains soft. In many cases soft cheeses are unripened cheeses.

The cheeses obtained with this type of process must be consumed immediately or stored in the refrigerator and consumed within one or two months.

Types of soft cheese

As we said, the soft cheese category is wide. It includes fresh cheeses like Mozzarella, Burrata, creamy cheeses like Robiola and Stracchino, spreadable and delcious, and melting cheeses like Brie, Camemebert or Taleggio, perfect in recipes.

Our soft cheese list is long, so take a look at our cheese gallery below and purchase your favorite ones!

Image: Soft Cheese, CC BY SA 2.0
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