Italian Oil Preserved Foods

Oil preserved artichokes

Food preservation by oil and vinegar has been used since the time of the day and have come down up to our industrial era thanks to their incredible bounty.

Marinated foods that today are so much required and considered real delicacies have not such sophisticated origins and were invented for very practical needs by peasants, as most of our gourmet foods. Once this was the only way to have some food available all year long, even out of season.

Is Oil a Natural Preservative?

Preserving food in oil is one of the most widely used technique and is intended to isolate food from air contact. Oil is a natural preservative but it is necessary to proces food (for instance salting or acidifying with vinegar) before adding oil. In this way, the proliferation of aerobic bacteria, or the microorganisms that develop with oxygen, is inhibited. 
Here is our selection of oil preserved vegetables, all rigorously made in Italy using extra-virgin olive oil and ingredients of the highest quality.