Italian Cheese

Italy is undoubtedly one of the richest mines in genuine products, most of which are derived from agriculture. Food products that originated from an ancient historical memory, a special geographical location, an extremely high quality of the raw material used and the production techniques, handed down from generation to generation since immemorial times.
Many of these products are cheeses: pecorino, parmesan and grana padano cheese, burrata, buffalo mozzarella, stracchino, gorgonzola, provolone, caciocavallo, fontina cheese, just to name a few of the many mouth-watering dairy products from Italy.

Italian DOP Cheeses

The list of Italian cheeses with DOP designation (Protected Designation of Origin) is long. These are some values that distinguish DOP cheeses:

  • the variety, which determines the diversity of flavors and makes many different culinary combinations possible;
  • the multiplicity of geographical origins, which gives each product a precise territorial identity;
  • the versatility of the production, which reflects the Italian genius able to follow and reinterpret the tradition, always focusing on quality.

Italian Cheeses: a Wealth to be Preserved

Many of these artisan cheeses are produced often only in very small territories only, in mountain villages and sometimes are hard to be found in other Italian regions.
Unfortunately many of these dairy products are "imitated" by cunning and dishonest manufacturers around the world causing a great economic damage to the authentic producers, although more and more European regulations are being made to protect them. For this reason, Sensibus aims to bring some of the best Italian cheeses directly from the producer to your table.

Buy your favorite Italian cheeses online and enjoy!

Image: Formaggio Italiano, CC BY 2.0

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