PITTED TAGGIASCA OLIVES in extra-virgin olive oil

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These oil cured Taggiasca olives, also known as Ligurian olives, are first selected and then pitted, cured, finally covered with extra virgin olive oil. The Taggiasca olive is small and contains a high percentage of oil. It's a very tasty and slightly bitter olive. Salting gives even more texture and flavor to these cured olives.

Serving suggestions

These oil cured olives are excellent as appetizers, in pasta and and meat dishes.


Olives are one of the oldest products known to man, with a very long history, as witnessed by the many millenarian olive trees. Their production is among the largest in the world, mainly concentrated in the Mediterranean basin, where the climate is highly favorable to the growth of the plants. Italy is among the main exporters of table olives, and definitely Italian olives (such as Sicilian or Ligurian) possess unique organoleptic properties and a recognizable flavor, famous around the world. While 90% of the olives is grown for the production of olive oil, only the finest ones are used for table consumption. There are many types of olives, distinguished by their shape (rounded or oval), size (ranging from tiny and hard olives to the larger and meaty ones), color (from green-yellow to bright black), and, of course, taste. The latter also depends on the type of storage (for example, in brine, fermented or pasteurized).

The Italian table olives that Sensibus proposes (among them the Castelvetrano olives, the famous Nocellara del Belice olives, the Gaeta olives, the Taggiasche olives, the Cerignola olives, just to name a few) are made sweet and tasty by means of an ancient debittering process that preserves the characteristic green / black and brilliant color while allowing to get a higher quality product.
Our line of olives is not pasteurized and is ideal for those who are not satisfied by ordinary products. The secret of this line is right the lack of a pasteurization process, which allows the olives to hold their taste and freshness intact.
As to our pasteurized olive, the careful pasteurization process ensures that these products have a longer maturity without affecting the flavor.
The compliance and and meticulous monitoring of stringent hygiene and quality standards makes that the taste of our products is always at a higher level in transparent and hermetic packaging.
Whatever variety and shape you prefer among our table olives, what is sure is that not only will you taste a delicious flavor, but you will also get a considerable amount of phenolic compounds - with positive effects on the cardiovascular system and a strong antioxidant power – and of E vitamin. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids keep cholesterol at bay, and potassium promotes digestion. If you want to start a journey through taste, check the features of all our products and choose the ones that best suit your palate and your tastes.

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