Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - "Tumai Monocultivar Taggiasca"

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Made from healthy and mature Italian olives of the varietal Taggiasca, the Tumai Monocultivar Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by cold pressing olives at their perfect ripeness. The result is a well-balanced, buttery and smooth. Anfosso is a family-run business which strives to continue making their products following ancient Ligurian culinary traditions. With their own vineyard and olive orchard, Anfosso continues to make outstanding olive oils, sauces, vinegars and other specialty items using only the highest quality ingredients and standards.

Extra-Virgin Oil: Serving suggestions

This is a finishing olive oil and should not be cooked. Use on salads, pasta, meat or fish. Or eat like a true Italian, and keep it on the table as a garnish for any (and every) dish!

Oils and Vinegar

Our selection of oils and balsamic vinegars is determined by the the different uses inherited from the Italian culinary tradition. The wine vinegars offered by Sensibus are produced thanks to a slow and patient process: the art of cooking musts, together with the loving care in decanting the barrels of vinegar every year, using the traditional method of slow acidification with wood chippings, guarantee the perfect taste of vinegar, its quality and harmony. The result is a white wine vinegar with a delicate flavor and a red wine vinegar with a strong and harmonious taste.

The range of balsamic vinegars of Modena PGI (protected geographical indication) includes several varieties and all have a unique sweet and sour taste expertly balanced; they are available in different types of packaging and broken down by age.

Balsamic Vinegar is a pillar in the culture and history of Modena. In fact, its continuous production since ancient times is due to the particular soil and climatic characteristics of the area, in addition to the knowledge, skills and competencies of the locals: the result is an admirable exclusive synthesis which characterizes the areas of Modena and Reggio Emilia (ie the ancient Duchy of Este).
In Modena there have always been different types of vinegar made with grape must, all produced with different recipes, different methods of preparation and with different aging.
The origin of these products and their use dates back to the tradition of the ancient Romans.

We put the same passion and care in selection our range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, with even more awareness: in fact not only a good olive oil enhances and completes the flavor of the dishes but is a precious tool for your health and wellness. A genuine and possibly 100% organic extra virgin olive oil is a tasty delicacy as well as an important resource for your health. For this reason, we personally select and taste high quality extra virgin olive oils produced with biological methods, or however with a low environmental impact. We pay particular attention to the following factors: the areas of origin, the natural fertilization, the biological control, the harvest time and the well-timed cold extraction.

These are some of the considerations that guide us in the choice of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

  • the olives must be harvested at the right time, that is when they start changing color from green to brown;
  • the quality of oil depends on the type of olives used: each one has its own flavor depending on the type of crop, in the climate of the places in which they grow (oil produced in the north is lighter than the oil made in the south where there is a bigger production), and on the ripeness of the olives (mature olives have golden nuances while unripe olives have still a shade of green);
  • the olives should be good-looking, healthy and free of insect bites;
  • the olives must be harvested in boxes / bins with holes for aeration, and must be taken to the oil-mill as soon as possible.
  • the milling temperature and subsequent grinding must be around 77° – 90° for a maximum time of 20/30 minutes.
  • the oil must be decanted for a few days and then transferred to another tank to eliminate the oil residues, and then after a couple of months this operation must be repeated;
  • the oil should be stored in tanks without air in a dry dark place and kept at a temperature lower than 68°.

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