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Food gift collections with gourmet cheese

Browse our unique gourmet gift baskets and find your favorite ones! We have the best gourmet gift baskets for any occasion, from Christmas gifts to Thanksgiving baskets, made with the finest Italian, French and American products. A special selection of traditional food to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Gift Basket Ideas

If you need some help in the choice of your food gift, read unique gourmet gift baskets ideas and find useful tips.

The gift baskets are available in different sizes and with different products, and range from luxury to inexpensive gift baskets, depending on your needs. High-end baskets as the truffle collection, the truffle serving set, or Fantastic Fromage, a selection of gourmet French cheeses, are a sophisticated way to give thanks or your loved ones. But when it comes to honey and cheese, an inexpensive Pecorino cheese and honey gift basket can be the winner choice.

Image: Gourmet Food Collection, CC BY SA 2.0
Size 2 oz
Size: 8 oz Approx
Size: 8 oz Approx
Basket: 4 Pieces, 43.2 Oz
Out of stock
Size: 1.4 oz
Basket: 3 Pieces, 58.4 Oz
Out of stock
Basket: 3 Pieces, 32 Oz
Out of stock
Basket: 4 Pieces, 33.6 Oz
Out of stock
Basket: 2 Pieces, 22.9 Oz
Basket: 2 Pieces, 22.1 Oz
Basket: 2 Pieces, 22.1 Oz
Basket: 2 Pieces, 30.1 Oz