Gift Card Policies

Buying a Gourmet Gift Card on Sensibus Store:

A) What is a Sensibus Gourmet Gift Card:

A Sensibus  Gourmet Gift Card is a digital certificate containing a prepaid amount to be spent on The digital certificate is sent via email and contains a code generated by The code can be used by the recipient to make his/her purchases on our Specialty Food Store.

B) Who can buy a Gourmet Gift Card:

The Gourmet Gift Card can be purchased either by registered users of as well as by "guest" users of the site.

C) How to Buy a Gourmet Gift Card:

Buying a Gourmet Gift Card on is simple: enter the name and email of the recipient, your name, and the amount you want to give (minimum $30).

If you have a discount code you can apply it to the cost of the gift card. This will not affect the value of the gift card sent to the recipient. For example, if you buy a $60 gift card, and you apply a 10% discount code, your gift card will cost you $54, but the total amount of the digital certificate will be $60.

You can add a personalized message to the gift card. Your message will be delivered by e-mail, together with the digital certificate. This will include a code that gives access to the prepaid amount to be spent on the site.

D) What the buyer receives:

The buyer will receive an email containing all the transaction details. Please keep your receipt for your records. Contact us by e-mail at with any questions or to get additional information.

Receiving a Gourmet Gift Card on Sensibus Store:

A) What the recipient of the gift card receives:

The recipient receives an email with a gift code that allows them to redeem the value of the card on

B) Use and limitations of the gift card:

The  Gourmet Gift Card can be used to make purchases solely on
The code must be entered at checkout by the user who is making the purchase.
All the gift card purchases on can be made either by registering on the website during the purchase or as "guest" users. We suggest that you to register in order to receive discounts and to take advantage of the other benefits offered by

If the user makes a purchase which exceeds the credit balance on the gift card, he or she can pay the remaining balance via credit card or Paypal. If there is a remaining balance on the gift card, the recipient will be able to use it for future purchases on

Remember that you must enter the code every time a transaction is carried out in order to use the remaining credit on the Gift Card; therefore we recommend you to keep a copy of the email with the code. 

If for any reason you lose the code of your gift card, please contact us at

The code you receive is not subject to time limitations, and can be used up to the credit limit.
Sensibus is not responsible in case of theft of the gift card code by other users, or for the total or partial sale of the gift card code to third parties.

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