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Pienza, travel Tuscany

Val d'Orcia and Pienza Pecorino Cheese: the Excellence of Tuscany

Walking through the ideal city of the Renaissance, tasting Pecorino cheese and discovering what to visit in this unique Tuscany village.

ribollita tuscan soup

Ribollita Recipe - Classic Tuscan White Bean Soup

Ribollita is the most popular Tuscan bean soup. Discover this traditional recipe and prepare it with organic white beans.

Discovering Siena, Home of the Palio and Panforte

Panforte is an ancient Christmas dessert from Tuscany whose origin is a mix of history and legends that the citizens of Siena continue to pass down from generation to generation.

 traditional Christmas cakes, panforte and panpepato

Traditional Italian Christmas Cakes: Panforte and Panpepato

Christmas is still the best moment to spend time with family, to eat the traditional recipes and, above all, the traditional Christmas cakes!