In Italy truffles are used to enrich the flavor of every dish, pasta, meat and seafood, because the territory is rich of this precious ingredient. Once you've had it, you'll always want it. There is a wide range of truffles available in different season.

Discover all the types of truffle (the precious Alba white truffle but but definitely more affordable black truffles), their properties and uses. And for your special dinners, try our yummy recipes with truffles, simple and rich at the same time.

truffle mushroom lasagna

Truffle Lasagna Recipe with Porcini Mushrooms

Prepare a mushroom and truffle lasagna to delight your guests: a fine gourmet recipe for any special dinner!

black truffle

High End Gift Baskets: Truffle Collections

What to give for Thanksgiving to thank someone really special? Here's our proposal: a truffle basket that would make anyone happy!

langhe, Alba, land of white truffle

Visiting Alba, Italy's Land of White Truffle

A flavor journey through the city of Alba (Italy) and the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas, land of the best white truffle and good wines.

black truffle pizza recipe

Black Truffle Pizza with Stracchino

Truffle Pizza is a really luscious way to eat the most famous Italian dish. Today we propose you a fresh truffle pizza with Stracchino, an Italian soft, delicate and creamy cheese.

Pasta with truffle cream sauce

A Delicious Main Course: Pasta with Truffle Cream Sauce and Bacon

Do you need an idea for a fast main course? Try this delicious and quick truffle cream sauce pasta recipe!

Mother's Day Baskets: a Personalized Gift for Your Mom

Are you ready to pay homage to your mother in a special way with a unique Mother's Day gift? Choose one of our incredible gift baskets!

norcia, italy

Norcia, Land of the Prized Italian Black Truffle

Discover charming Norcia, a beautiful ancient village on the Sibylline Mountains, in Central Italy, and the divine food products of the area in an unforgettable tour throughout Umbria.

White Truffle vs Black Truffle

This is a long-running inextricable dispute. What is better white truffles or black truffles? Find out what are the main types of truffles in the world and their characteristics.

speck roll-ups with cheese

Speck Roll-ups with Mushrooms, Fontina and Truffle Butter

A great truffle appetizer idea for the most demanding palates: Speck roll-ups with mushrooms, cheese and truffle butter.