Tomino Cheese

Tomino Langherino cheese

Tomino Langherino Cheese

Tomino is a small Italian cheese, hailing from the Langhe, a Piedmont agricultural region. Discover the characteristics of Tomino, how to cook and how to pair it.

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Fried Tomino Langherino filled with artichoke sauce

Fried Tomino Langherino Filled with Artichoke Sauce

Although it is delicious on its own, there are many Italian recipes which turn Tomino cheese a complete and extraordinary delicious meal. Get some inspiration here!

Grilled Tomino with Speck and zucchini

Grilled Tomino Cheese with Bacon, Sage and Shallots

Tomino Langherino is a flat cheese with a soft and white rind and a fresh creamy interior. When cooked in the pan, its exterior turns golden and crunchy while the interior begins to melt.