Stracchino cheese

Stracchino Cheese

Stracchino is a fresh very creamy soft cheese made only with the best Italian cow milk cheese in Piedmont and Lombardy. Read more about this delicious and versatile cheese.


Wath is Stracchino? It is a fresh and soft Italian cheese from Lombardy: its name comes from the dialectal word "stracc" that means "tired." In fact, originally the milk used for this cheese came from the tired cows returning from the summer alpine pastures, produced in smaller quantities.

According to another legend, the cows and milk were "stracc", that is tired, because anciently the Stracchino was produced in winter, when the cattle was fed indoors with dry grass, which is poorer in nutrients than in summer.

Stracchino is aged for up to 30 days. After this period, the paste is still soft but firm. It can also used a spreadable cheese and used in a number of recipes.

The stracchino cheesemaking technique is the same used for crescenza and taleggio: the difference between them is the ripening period.

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stracchino cheese