Epoisses Cheese

Epoisses Cheese

Epoisses is a French soft cheese, washed-rind, fat and short-seasoned.

It was forst produced at the beginning of the sixteenth century by the Cistercian monks living in Époisses, in France. Than the cheeese making tecnhiques were further developed by local farmers.

The forms of Epoisses cheese are washed with water containing marc de Bourgogne (the equivalent of Italian grappa), which gives the cheese its natural brick red-orange color due to the pigmentation of surface bacteria.

The rind of Epoisses is soft and wrinkled. The texture is soft and unctuos, being a fat cheese. The color paste varies from ivory to light straw. The dough is soft, moist, and partially creamy depending on the aging period.

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Image: Epoisses by Matt Biddulph, CC BY-SA 2.0