Robiola Cheese

Robiola is a fresh soft cheese hailing from Piedmont. This generic name includes a range of fresh white cheeses made from cow, goat or sheep milk or with a mixture of two or three types of milk, hence two-milk Robiola and three-milk Robiola).

Robiola cheese has a mild taste and can be used as is, just spread on a slice of bread or on a chracker for a good appetizer, as well as in many delicious recipes. 

salmon lasagna recipe

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Lasagna Recipe with Robiola Cheese

Who said that lasagna must be with tomato sauce? After trying this refined salmon lasagna recipe with Robiola cheese, you will change your mind.

Soft Cheeses

Soft Cheeses

Taleggio, Brie, Camembert, Stracchino are just some examples of soft cheeses. Read our guide to disover everything about soft cheeses.

Robiola Cheese

Robiola is an Italian fresh cheese hailing from the Piedmont region with a cylindrical or squared shape. It is produced with cow's milk, goat and sheep, also mixed in varying proportions (Robiola due Latti and Robiola Tre Latti by Luigi Guffanti). For example, Robiola Bosina is made with cow's and goat's milk. 

The organoleptic characteristics of Robiola vary depending on the milk and the cheese-making techniques. Smaller variants are caled "robioline".

Fresh Cheeses

Fresh Cheeses

Fresh cheeses are a real delicacy. Perfect for a snack or to make delicious recipes, they are extremely versatile and can be used in the preparation of savory and sweet recipes.

quiche zucchini robiola salmon

Savory Pie with Zucchinis, Robiola and Salmon

A tasty recipe with Robiola, an Italian fresh cheese, zucchini and smoked salmon. Try these no-fail pie recipe and bake your most impressive pie ever!

rigatoni speck and robiola

Rigatoni with Robiola Cheese and Speck

A simple cheese sauce for pasta made with Robiola cheese that you can enrich with the Speck, a smoked Italian cured ham, for a delicious result!

fourth of july dessert

4th of July Cheesecake with Strawberries and Blueberries

A Fourth of July dessert idea: a cheesecake with Ricotta and Robiola cheese decorated with Strawberries and Blueberries.

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Christmas Appetizer Recipes: Tree Cheese Board Idea

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