Fresh and Smoked Salmon Lasagna Recipe with Robiola Cheese

salmon lasagna recipe

Who said that lasagna must be with tomato sauce? After trying this refined salmon lasagna recipe with Robiola cheese, you will change your mind.

The mix of fresh and smoked salmon, combined with the delicate taste of Robiola, makes this lasagna unique, and suitable for Christmas and for the New Year's Eve. In fact, it is one of the most popular dishes in the Italian Christmas eve menu. And it will be perfect if you are making up your feast of the seven fishes menu.

Furthermore, this Christmas fish maincourse is very easy to do, you can prepare it hours before and just warm it up before serving.


How to Make Salmon Lasagna with Robiola Cheese

  • Take the salmon steak: remove the bone and the skin and cut it into strips;
  • in a bowl mix the soft cheese with the cream and the milk and season add the chive and a couple of chopped sage leaves, a slight pinch of salt and freshly ground pink pepper;
  • mix the ingredients well and, finally, add about half of the smoked salmon;
  • spread some Robiola cream on the bottom of the pan and a first layer of dough and cover with a couple of tablespoons of filling and some fresh salmon;
  • cover with a layer of dough and than put more filling and more fresh salmon;
  • continue until reaching almost the edge of the pan and cover the last layer with a spoon of filling and a handful of smoked salmon, some breadcrumbs and some coarsely ground pink pepper;
  • cover with baking paper, and bake at 374° F for 30 minutes;
  • than remove the paper and set on the grill mode for the last 10 minutes;
  • let it rest for a while before serving.
  • If you have ever salmon and ricotta lasagna, you will love this recipe, since Robiola keeps all the softness and sweetness of Ricotta, just with more personality.

Serve this salmon lasagna with a Sauvignon DOC white wine.

Images: Seafodd Lasagna, CC BY-SA 2.0 | Smoked salmon, CC BY 2.0