Recipe for a Quick Balsamic Vinegar Cream Sauce

balsamic vinegar reduction recipe

Balsamic vinegar is used in cooking to flavor meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and pastries, but its properties are numerous, including that of burning fat. The calories of balsamic vinegar are 88 per 3.5oz of product, but its slimming properties are due to the presence of the acetic acid. This chemical compound that gives vinegar its typical smell and acrid taste and is present in all types of vinegar, is able to activate the production of a class of enzymes in our organism that oxidize the fatty acids in the blood, resulting in benefits to metabolism and blood pressure. Furthermore, balsamic vinegar has digestive, anti-inflamatory and bactericide properties. Therefore, it is a very healthy ingredient.

You can use it as is on cheese, grilled meat or fish, potatoes and other vegetables, and even on fruit. But for a better result, use it to prepare a balsamic cream sauce that you can sprinkle on your dishes.

If you don't have much time and you can't make a balsamic reduction using the traditional recipe, you can also try this quick simple method.

salad with balsamic vinegar, cheese and strawberries

  • Put the vinegar in a small saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • Meanwhile, pour the starch in a cup and fill it with water.
  • Mix the flour and water with a spoon. This operation only serves to mix it with the water but doesn't dissolve the starch (because it does not dissolve in cold water).
  • Now take a wooden spoon and while stirring the vinegar, add the mix of water and starch.
  • Remove from heat and and let it cool. Now, your balsamic vinegar glaze is ready.

balsamic vinegar sauce