chocolate truffle

Quick and Easy Desserts for Two: Caramel Truffles with Salted Butter

A romantic dessert for two with high quality dark chocolate and salted butter. A delicious sweet and savory combination to tickle your loved one!



  • 8 oz dark chocolate
  • 3.5 oz sugar
  • 3 oz condensed milk
  • 1 oz salted butter
  • 12 tbs fresh cream
  • bitter cocoa powder to sprinkle
French Recipes
10-12 chocolates
30 min.
20 min.
50 min.

Quick, delicious, and easy to make! What else? With this recipe you will discover how to make homemade chocolate with caramel and salted butter to make your Valentine's day more interesting! 

Just remember to make the first step of the reicpe the day before your romantic dinner.

The sweetness and milky flavor of chocolate is balanced with the savory taste of salted butter. A delicious sweet and savory combination to tickle your loved one!

Homemade Chocolate Recipe For Valentine's Day

Chocolates are a classic Valentine's gift, but making homemade chocolate truffles is so much more romantic than just buying a chocolate box. And once you will have learned to make chocolate truffles at home you will have fun to create spicy and original combinations.
For instance, as Valentine's dessert you can experiment an aphrodisiac version with ginger or chily.

Good work and happy Valentine's day!


making chocolate truffle

How to Make Chocolate at Home Step by Step

  • Take the dark chocolate bar and grate it.
  • Boil 9 tbs of fresh cream, pour it over the chocolate, stir it for a long time until you get a homogeneous mixture and transfer to the refrigerator for 12 hours.
  • To prepare the caramel cream, start bringing to a boil the remaining fresh cream, remove from heat and add the condensed milk.
  • Caramelize the sugar cooking it in a pan until it's a deep amber colour, then add the butter.
  • Add also the cream and milk mixture and mix well to obtain a smooth cream. Put on low heat for 2 minutes miking with a whisk and then let it cool.
  • Leave the caramel cream at room temperature until it starts to soften
  • Take the chocolate out of the fridte. Shape with your hands some chocolate balls as big as nuts, stuff them with a teaspoon of caramel cream, close well and sprinkle with cocoa.
  • Keep the truffles cool, but not in the fridge.

With these ingredients you should be able to get 12 Valentine's chocolates.


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