piadina romagnola recipe

Piadina Recipe with Olive Oil, the Italian Flat Bread from Romagna

Used as substitute of bread, the Piadina hails from the Romagna area, but is popular all around the world. Try this light version of this yummy flat bread.



  • 10.5 oz 00 Flour
  • ½ cup Water
  • 2 tbs Extra virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of salt
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6 piadina
25 min.
30 min.
55 min.

What is piadina? It is an Italian flat bread typical of Emilia-Romagna Region. The origin of this Italian flat bread type seems to date back to the Ancient Romans, an it seems that it was even named in the Aeneid, the famous Virgilio's poem.

Used as substitute of bread, the Piadina is commonly used in the Romagna area - the coastal territory that overlooks the North Adriatic sea - as street food but also very common at home, to make a sort of flat bread sandwich.

Piadina fillings

The calssic piadina filling is cheese and cured ham: choose a fresh cheese like Mozzarella or Stracchino...  and a high quality cured ham like San Daniele. Also the vegetarian or vegan variants with grilled vegetables are very tasty. Today we'll suggest you a lighter version of the traditional piadina: homemade piadina recipe without lard and with olive oil instead.
Have fun to prepare piada wrap and use it as snack or for your Sunday brunch. Follow the instructions to prepare 6 piadine.

How to make a homemade piadina

vegetarian piadina


  • sift the flour and put it in a bowl;
  • make a well with your hand in the middle of the flour and add the water little by little, and extra virgin olive oil;
  • knead until the dough is smooth;
  • divide the dough into 6 parts;
  • roll out each ball with a rolling pin, to make some discs (not too thin and about 7 inches in diameter); 
  • in the meantime, warm up a non-stick frying pan and when it is warm, gently lay the first piadina disc; 
  • when the bubbles begin to create on the surface, turn the piadina upside down very carefully trying not to break them.

Homemade flat bread piadina can also be frozen once it gets cold.

Fill and use this simple but tasty like a sandwich or focaccia, or consumed as a substitute for bread. Kust fill it with your favorite ingredients and bend it. Serve hot or cold.

Piadina by Fugzu CC 2.0


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