Pecorino with Saffron Honey: a Luxurious Thanksgiving Cheese Plate

cheese with saffron honey
Are you planning a Thanksgiving dinner with your beloved ones? Serving a delicious cheese plate could be an easy and successful way to entertain them while waiting for the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.
But how to make this cheese plate special? It's easy. Choose the cheese you prefer and serve it with an unforgettable pairing
If you like strong flavors, opt for an aged Pecorino like Pecorino Siciliano, and serve it with this delicate saffron honey.
The result will be a perfectly balanced combination of flavors.
sicilian sheep cheese
  • Melt the saffron in half a cup of warm water.Mix-up until completely dissolved.
  • If you use saffron threads instead of powdered, bring to boil half a cup of water, turn off and let the saffron rest in the water.
  • Add acacia honey while whisking constantly until the mix is well emulsified.
  • Serve it warm.