Christmas eve dinner menu

An Italian Christmas Eve Menu

A delicious Italian Christmas eve menu from the starter to the side dish, all strictly made with fish, of course.


Many (but we could say all) Southern Italian families celebrate the 24th of December with a traditional Christmas Eve fish dinner. Italian immigrants in the States struggled to keep their traditions alive, today we'll dedicate our article to the the Feast of the Seven Fishes, that is part of the Italian-American Christmas Eve celebration.

The Feast of the Seven Fishes, also known as The Vigil, consists in a a meal of at least seven different kinds of seafood.

What are the seven fishes eaten on christmas eve? Well, it depends, actually we can't give you a 7 fish list: although there are some plates that are more popular than others, culinary traditions also vary from region to region, because we know how rich Italian cuisine is. So, we'll just try to give you some Italian Christmas eve dinner ideas made with first quality ingredients that you can buy online and that will definitely leave all your guests satisfied and happy!

Christmas Eve Appetizers

Bruschette with Bottarga and Burrata

Bruschettte with Bottarga and Burrata, where the pungent taste of fish roe is counterbalanced by the sweetness of this delicious Southern Italian cheese.

Bruschettte with Bottarga and Burrata,

Burrata with Prawns

Burrata with Prawns, the perfect Christmas fish starter for those who like sophisticated menus. This is a recipe that brings on your table all the flavor of Puglia, the delicate taste of Burrata, and that of fresh prawns or shrimps.

Burrata with Prawns, the perfect Christmas fish starter

Christmas Fish Main Course

Lasagna with Salmon and Robiola

Lasagna is the holidays dish for excellence. This is an alternative white version of Lasagna, made with smoked and fresh salmon and a luscious Robiola cream.

Lasagna with Salmon and Robiola

Pasta with Bottarga

Have you ever tried Bottarga? Grated on pasta it is absolutely devine. Furthermore, this pasta with Bottarga, swordfish and cherry tomatoes is extremely simple. And if you really have no time, try this even simpler version of pasta with bottarga.

Pasta with Bottarga

Stuffed Squids

If you have never eaten stuffed squids, you can't imagine how good they are. This is a very traditional dish, which requires a bit of work, but the result is excellent! Bread, cheese, olives, dried tomatos.... A heavenly stuffing!

Stuffed Squids

Grilled Swordfish with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Sauce

One of the most prized and delicious fish is undoubtedly the swordfish. In this recipe we combine swordfish steaks with a typical Mediterranean pesto sauce made with sun-dried tomatoes, a real treat for you and your friends!

Grilled Swordfish with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Sauce

Christmas Eve Side Dish

Octopus Salad with Olive Taggiasche

A delicious Italian fish salad for Christmas Eve with octopus and olive taggiasche that will definitely enrich your menu. You can serve it as appetizer or as a side dish.

seafood octopus salad

Main image: Christmas table setting, CC BY-SA 2.0 | Credits for the other images are at the recipes pages


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