tomato and mozzarella caprese bruschetta

How to Make Bruschetta: 5 Ideas with Italian Cheese

Five delicious bruschetta ideas to make the perfect Italian-style appetizer. Read our guide and learn how to make the original bruschetta at home.


Bruschetta is a very versatile appetizer:  there are many delicious bruschetta recipes but you can play with your creativity and make new combinations every day. Bruschetta, or “fettunta” (a dialect name used near Florence) is very popular in all the Italian regions, especially in the central and Southern ones. Poor peasants invented it to recycle and use stale bread.  Than every region created its own recipes, using the local products.

But how to make authentic bruschetta?

The original bruschetta is really simple:

  • cut 1 inch slices of rustic bread, (the best is a without salt one);
  • rub a garlic clove on bread;
  • toast it in the oven or grill on bbq;
  • wen it gets brown and crispy it's ready;
  • remove frm the oven and add salt and an high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This bruschetta dressing is really the simplest you can do, but using high quality ingredients this dish will ne really delightful.

Another classic Italian bruschetta dressing is bruschetta napoletana, a basil and tomato version: wash the tomatoes an cut into cubes, season with salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and basil.

Nowadays you can find a huge variety of bruschetta appetizer recipes. We want to suggest you some bruschetta recipes perfect for cheese lovers. Prepare grilled bread; don't use garlic this time and follow our tips to make your bruschetta appetizer.

Preparing a bruschetta board is a quickly and pleasant solution for a summer appetizer. Choose your favorite combinations and prepare it for your dinner.

1) Bruschetta with Ham and Stracchino


bruschetta italian ham

Bruschetta Prosciutto and stracchino CC 2.0

Spread the Stracchino cheese on the top of the bread and place gently slices of  Prosciutto di Parma on the bruschetta. It's a no tomato bruschetta, the sweet notes of the stracchino combines perfectly with the delicate flavor of Prosciutto Crudo di Parma.

2) Bruschetta Speck and Goat Cheese


bruschetta speck goat cheese

Bruschetta with speck CC 2.0
  • To prepare this bruschetta topping you have to wash and cut cherry tomatoes and rocket salad. 
  • Spread fresh cheese on the bread (for this recipe it's better to make ½ inch slices of bread). 
  • Add speck, salad and tomato. Garnish with a drop of balsamic vinegar. 
  • Eat your goat cheese bruschetta when the bread is still hot.

3) Bruschetta with Italian Cured Ham and Grana Padano Flakes


bruschetta grana padano and prosciutto

Bruschetta Prosciutto and Grana cheese CC 2.0

Bruschetta with Italian cured ham and Grana Padano flakes is a bruschetta easy recipe that can make even the most sophisticated palates happy:

  • make a bed with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes;
  • add two drops of extra virgin olive oil;
  • add a slice of ham and the Grana on the top.

4) Bruschetta Caprese with Buffalo Mozzarella


bruschetta caprese

Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella

Caprese is a typical combination with tomato and mozzarella. This bruschetta and mozzarella is enriched by the savory buffalo cheese, a really trip for the taste. Garnish with basil or origan.


5) Bruschetta with Flavored Soft Cheese and Salmon


stracchino and smoked salmon bruschetta

In this alternative version of bruschetta we'll use crackers instead of bread.

In a bowl mix Stracchino cheese with chopped chives;

  • spread the soft cheese;
  • garnish with smoked salmon.

This delicate combination for your bruschetta cheese is really luscious!

Try also eggplant zucchini and burrata, bruschetta with bottarga and burrata, shrimps chickpeas and bacon, pumpkin, bacon and goat cheese, and the great combination of Fossa sheep cheese and honey.

If you want, divide the preparation into two different moments: grill the bruschetta bread in advance and garnish before serving.

Now you have a lot of ideas to make an original bruschetta appetizer. Enjoy your meal!

Cover image: Tomato and mozzarella CC 2.0