Grilled Tomino Cheese with Bacon, Sage and Shallots

Grilled Tomino with Speck and zucchini

Tomino Langherino is an Italian cheese from Piedmont made from cow's milk. It is a flat cheese with a soft and white rind and a fresh creamy interior. It has a slightly pungent, but sweet flavor, with nuances of mushrooms. When cooked in the pan, its exterior turns golden and crunchy while the interior begins to melt. It is excellent to be served along with braised vegetables or with meat.

tomino cheese



How to Grill Tomino Langherino Cheese

  • Wrap the slices of Speck ham around the Tomino.
  • Heat a large pan and, over low heat, and grill the cheese over it until the Speck ham becomes golden-brown crunchy.
  • Put the Tomino aside and in the same pan, fry the shallot and the sage leaves adding slowly the extra virgin olive oil. The shallot has to become crispy and golden-brown just like the bacon around the Tomino.
  • Garnish the Tomino with the shallot rings and sage leaves and serve warm!

grilled tomini with speck and sage

How to Serve Grilled Tomino Cheese

If you can spend 10 more minutes in your kitchen, serve the grilled Tomino cheeses wrapped in Speck with a stewed zucchini (main picture).