grape sauce for turkey

Grape Sauce for Turkey with Balsamic Vinegar

Use this grape sauce for turkey roast as an alternative to the other classic sauce recipes, or add it as an additional dressing to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.



  • 1 big bunch of grapes
  • 4 tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 5 shallots
  • star anise to taste
  • laurel to taste
2 servings
15 min.
30 min.
45 min.

Here we are with another original Thanksgiving dinner idea. Usually we use cranberry sauce or turkey gravy to add flavor to the traditional Thanksgiving roast turkey.

Learn how to prepare a delicious grape sauce for meat: the sweet taste of grape perfectly combines with the complex flavor of balsamic vinegar.

Use this sauce for turkey roast as an alternative to the other classic recipes, or to add to your Thanksgiving dinner menu to give an additional choice to your guests. It's an easy meat sauce recipe that you can prepare also to garnish other types of meat: roast beef, veal, chicken...

brown shallots


  • In a saucepan brown shallots and grapes over a medium heat.
  • When the start getting brown, cover with a lid and lower the heat. If required add a little bit of water.
  • Add anise and laurel to flavor.
  • Cook for about 30 minutes until they get a soft consistency. The cooking time depends on the fruit and shallots size.
  • Remove the anise and laurel leaves.
  • Process the mixture.
  • Add salt and pepper and the balsamic vinegar. If you want, add a small quantity of the roast Turkey drippings.

Serve your grape sauce over the slices of meat or separeately in a gravy boat. 

Sauce with shallots and grapes by Lisa Cericola CC 2.0
Brown shallots by Chispita_666 CC 2.0