smores with chocolate dip

Gourmet S'mores Recipe Variations

S'mores are a must on outdoor parties with barbecue. Here is the original S'more recipe and some more funny gourmet smore variations you can try.



  • Organic Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Marshmallows
5 min.

S'mores are a must on outdoor parties with barbecue. Children love piercing the marshmallows with wooden slices and then heating them on the fire and dip them into hot chocolate. 

The s'more is basically a sandwich made with two biscuits, filled with marshmallows and chocolate. The filling melts and the chocolate and the marshmallows blend together in a truly unique cream. 
To make s'mores you must use white marshmallows and digestive whole-biscuits, or even spiced with cinnamon or honey if you want to add even more flavor to this dessert.

Here is the original S'more recipe and some more funny gourmet smore variations you can try.

gourmet smores

Classic S'mores Recipe and More Gourmet Variantions


Making S'mores is really a joke. Just take two digestive biscuits and stuff them inside with a warm marshmallow and a square of dark chocolate. 

S'mores Cake

To serve the s'mores in a nice way and not as finger food, you can lie the cookies in a baking pan as to make a biscuit base and then cover with chocolate pieces and finally marshmallows. IPlace on the grill for 5 minutes and serve as a cake. The guests will help thelmeselves and take their portion directly with their hands.

S'mores with Fruit

To give a touch of freshness to this sweet, you can add  sliced ​​strawberries or bananas between the two biscuits.

banana smores

S'more Brownies

If you do not want to use cookies, but you want to give extra touch to your s'mores prepare them with brownies. Certainly the result will be ultra-caloric and even more challenging, but no one will be able to resist to the temptation!

S'mores Cheesecake

A dessert to eat with the spoon, but a little out of the ordinary. Make a cheesecake base inside a glass with the crushed biscuits, then add chocolate drops and finally a marshmallow fluff. To make the fluff melt the marshmallows in a double boiler over low heat. Once they've got a sticky consistency add the syrup and stir frequently (for 10 marshmellows 1 teaspoon of syrup).

Images: Epic S'more II and Epic S'more II (B) by David Steltz, CC BY SA 2.0,  S'mores with Banana, by Personal Creations, CC BY 2.0 | 

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