yogurt and fruit popsicles

Easy Fruit Jam & Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

These easy homemade fruit jam and yogurt popsicles are really yummy, perfect for a healthy snack for children, but exquisitely good even for adults!



  • 3 cups + 1 tblsp Greek Yogurt
  • 1 cup Fruit jam
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10 min.
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10 min.

These fruit and yogurt popsicles are a genuine and refreshing idea, perfet to cool up this hot summer! Furthermore the recipe is very fast and easy and it will be ready in a few mintues. You'll just need 2 ingredients: fruit jam (the taste you prefer) and yogurt. And you can make endless variations, depending on the fruit taste you prefer! Strawberries, berries, apricots, peaches, cherries, citrus etc. The result will conquer everybody!

These easy homemade fruit popsicles are really yummy, perfect for a healthy snack (according to the food pyramid) for children, but exquisitely good even for adults!

This healthy fruit popsicle recipe has no sugar and we suggest to use jams with brown sugar and no artificial preservativesThe ideal summer refreshing afternoon break, that won't make you feel guilty! 

You can prepare your fruit and yogurt popsicles in advance and in large quantities, store them in the freezer (up to 1 month) and pull them out when needed! 

yogurt and fruit popsicles strawberry

How to Make Popsicles with Fruit Jam


  • Simply mix together yogurt and jam perfectly.
  • If you prefer a variegated color, do not mix very well. The flavor will be more or less the same.
  • Pour the mixture in pop molds or paper cups and and freeze with a wooden craft stick stuck in the middle.

If you replace fruit jam with fruit pureee and use probiotics yogurt, you can make easy popsicles for toddlers.

yogurt and fruit popsicles berries

Photo credits: Raspberry Popsicles, by Abi Porter, CC BY 2.0 |  Fruit Popsicles 1 and Fruit Popsicles 2 by Annie, CC BY ND 2.0