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Chickpea Hummus Recipe Without Tahini

Preparing the typical Middle Eastern sauce based on chickpeas, hummus, is very easy. Here is a tahin-free hummus recipe and some possible variants.



  • 10 oz dried chickpeas (or 20oz if canned and precooked)
  • the juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • salt to taste
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • sesame and paprika
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4 servings
5 min.
5 min.
130 min.

Preparing the typical Middle Eastern sauce based on chickpeas, hummus, is very easy. Here is a tahin-free hummus recipe and some possible variants.

Those who love Middle Eastern cuisine know it well and definitely love it. We are talking of hummus: the delicious ocher-colored cream based on chickpeas and tahin originating in the Arab culinary tradition. Perfect spread on bread and croutons (or on pita, the typical Arabic bread) and to accompany raw marinated vegetable, or even served with falafel, the typical legume balls. Preparing it at home is easy! We propose you the hummus recipe without tahin, but if you like it just add 4 tbs of this ingredient and add it to the mixture before blending.

How to Make Hummus


  • Soak the chickpeas for 12 hours: put them in a bowl and cover them with cold water at least twice their volume. 
  • After this time, drain, rinse very well and cook for about 2 hours (or until they are very soft). 
  • Rinse the cooked chickpeas under the water and move them with your hands to remove the papery skin that envelops the chickpeas. Remember to keep aside a glass of cooking water.
  • In case you use canned pre-cooked chickpeas the procedure will start from the next step: remember to keep aside some of the water contained in the chickpea jar.
  • Blend chickpeas in a powerful kitchen robot together with garlic, oil, lemon and salt until obtaining a thick cream free of lumps; if necessary, add some cooking water (or the water in the jar in case of canned chickpeas).
  • You can also add cumin or mustard seeds to the mixture.

raw chickpeas

How to Eat Hummus

Serve this cream with a drizzle of oil, decorating with sesame seeds, paprika or parsley, with pita bread, croutons or falafel.

Some Hummus Recipe Variations

This fantastic cream can easily become an ingredient for your preparations: we have prepared a collection with 5 ways to use hummus in the kitchen that will not let you down!

Hummus with Dried Tomatoes

When you blend the chickpeas with the other ingredients, add a handful of finely chopped dried tomatoes and a teaspoon of oregano. You can remove garlic from the recipe. Perfect for croutons during an aperitif.

Hummus wihth Fresh Herbs

Hummus can also be enriched with fresh herbs: add a handful of basil, parsley and, if you have it available, also of minced tarragon leaves, along with the dose of oil provided by the traditional recipe. This hummus can accompany raw fennels cut into matchsticks with pinzimonio sauce.

Hummus with Olives Recipe

Another tasty version is hummus olives: add 1oz grams of black pitted olives and 1 roasted red pepper, both cut into small pieces, the juice of a lemon and 2oz of parsley to the chickpeas. Blend well and use it to garnish a focaccia or on bread.

Hummus with Greek Yogurt

Hummus can also be prepared with yoghurt: blend the chickpeas together with a spoonful of parsley, one of dill, 1 clove of garlic and a pinch of salt and add add 3oz of unsweetened yogurt. Try this yoghurt hummus as a seasoning for a fresh green salad.


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