Bucatini Amatriciana, the Authentic Amatriciana Recipe From Italy

pasta amatriciana Italian recipe

The bucatini Amatriciana are a simple but exceptionally tasty Italian dish. But what is pasta Amatriciana?

The original recipe is made with cured pork cheek, tomatoes, pecorino romano cheese and pepper, and hails from Amatrice - from which the name - a small town situated in the province of Rieti, at the border between Lazio and Abruzzo, recently hit by a terrible earthquake.

Amatriciana History

The pasta Amatriciana originates among the poorest, as most of the most delicious recipes in the world: the shepherds in transhumance with their cows, used to carry some simple ingredients in their backpacks: pepper, cheese, bacon, lard and pasta, that they cooked together to prepare a substantial and satisfying main course. This is actually what today is known as Pasta alla Gricia, while the version with tomato dates back to 1700.

Over time the recipe has changed with the addition of some ingredients that the most orthodox ones refuse to use: oil. onion, garlic and bacon instead of pork cheek.

What is an Amatriciana Sauce?

To really enjoy this dish, the sauce should be prepared with Casalini tomatoes, typical of the Castelli area.

We will not use onion or garlic, and obviously will make the sauce with delicious pork cheek. If you can, avoid bacon. In fact, bacon is too salty and flavorful and alters the traditional taste of the Amatriciana recipe, while cured pork cheek is more delicate.

Follow our tips and you will make the best pasta Amatriciana recipe of your life.

  • Cut the pork cheek or guanciale into think strips. Don't cut it into cubes because while cooking in the pan they end to become too dry.
  • Blanch the tomatoes, remove skin and seeds and cut them into fairly large pieces. Cut in pieces also the chili pepper.
  • Put some oil in a pan, turn the heat on and add the red chili pepper and the bacon, stirring with a wooden spoon.
  • Lower the heat and let cook the cured pork cheek for a few minutes until it becomes golden. To preserve its softness, remove them from the oil and keep them warm in a saucepan with lid.
  • Add the tomatoes and cook for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally with a spoon. After cooking, remove the chili pepper and add the bacon again.
  • Brings the water to a boil and cook the pasta al dente.
  • Drain the pasta and pour it into the pan with the sauce, mixing with a spoon. Add a generous sprinkling of pecorino cheese and a pinch of black pepper, and serve.

pasta amatriciana recipe