Bagnet Verd Recipe: the Italian Sauce from Piedmont

Bagnet Verd Recipe

Bagnet Verd is a traditional Italian green sauce from Piedmot, made with parsley and salt cured anchovies, served on boiled meat or on Tomino cheese.

How to Make the Bagnet Verd Parsley Sauce

  • Clean well the anchovies with some kitchen paper to eliminate the salt.
  • Finely chop the parsley with the garlic.
  • Put the bread (without crust) in vinegar and squeeze it.
  • Add the crushed egg yolk and then mix it with the parsley and anchovy paste obtained.
  • Add all the remining ingredients: salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and blend to obtain a fairly creamy (not too fluid) consistency.

If you want an even stronger taste, add capers to the mixture.

Use this sauce to season grilled Tomino cheese or serve it with boiled meat.


Image: Salsa Verde, CC BY SA 2.0