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Shop the most genuine pizza ingredients on and browse our selecion of ideas for a special pizza night. Discover the original the original pizza dough recipe and season it with delicious ingredients: the most traditionalist ones will love the recipe of pizza Margherita or Four cheese pizza, but the most refined palets will love pizza with truffles!

panzerotti tomato and cheese

Italian Panzerotti Recipe, Baked Version

A traditional Italian fingerfood is the "panzerotto", that here we present to you in its baked version with the classic filling of mozzarella and tomato, an idea for your “Italian style” brunch.

black truffle pizza recipe

Black Truffle Pizza with Stracchino

Truffle Pizza is a really luscious way to eat the most famous Italian dish. Today we propose you a fresh truffle pizza with Stracchino, an Italian soft, delicate and creamy cheese.

four cheese pizza

Four Cheese Pizza Recipe

Four Cheese, “Quattro Formaggi” in Italian, is a typical Italian cheesy sauce used to season pasta, pizza or as a dip.

italian pizza

Pizza Recipe: How to Make Pizza at Home

The expression “Pizza Napoletana” is often used to mean a type of pizza with a thick edge.  Find out how to make homemade pizza at home!