Pesto is a cold sauce, synonym and symbol of Genova and of the Italian region of Liguria. Basil Pesto is among the most popular and appreciated sauces in the world. Find out our yummy  ideas and recipes with pesto.

pasta with pesto and ricotta

Pasta Salad with Pesto, Ricotta Salata and Cherry Tomatoes

An easy pasta salad that will be perfect for your outdoor lunch: Pesto, cherry tomatoes and Ricotta salata, everything seasoned with an elegant Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh basil.

Pesto Genovese

How to Make Pesto Sauce

How to make homemade Pesto sauce? We reveal you the original recipe for an exceptional fresh basil pesto!

Pasta with pesto

A Special Pesto Pasta Recipe: a Delicious Ligurian Main Course

Are you looking for a delicious and fast main course? Pasta with pesto is a tasty and easy idea for a genuine meal!