Pecorino di Fossa

Pecorino di Fossa is a fat cheese made from sheep's milk, matured for 90 days in special holes, enclosed in natural linen bags. During these days the cheese undergoes a second fermentation. Fossa cheese has a unique flavor and a rich smell of wood aromas, truffles and moss.

Browse our recipes with Pecorino di Fossa and start a flavor hourney in the land of origin of this delicious Italian cheese.

petrella guidi, visit emilia romagna

Discovering Italy: Formaggio di Fossa Cheese and Emilia Romagna

If you are planning your holidays in Emilia Romagna, travel to Sogliano al Rubicone and Talamello, homeland of the famous Pecorino cheese Formaggio di Fossa.

ravioli with pears and pecorino cheese

Ravioli with Pears, Pecorino di Fossa Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar

The Formaggio di Fossa cheese is an excellent ingredient in the kitchen. In fact, it has a strong taste that can add flavor to so many incredible recipes!

fried eggs with Pecorino and truffles

Fried Eggs with Black Truffles and Cheese

Fried eggs with black truffles and cheese, an extremely simple recipe made with only 3 ingredients, yet the black truffle is able to transform even a simple fried egg into a true work of art.

pecorino di fossa with pears in wine

Pecorino di Fossa Cheese with Pears in Red Wine

Pears in red wine with cheese: a perfect pairing to be served as a side dish. Adding couple of slices of cheese more it can become a refined starter and definitely a dish that will make cheese lovers very happy!

pecorino di fossa cheese

Cheese Pairing Tips: Pecorino di Fossa

Excellent in recipes or grated on pasta dishes, Pecorino di Fossa is perfect to be tasted on its own and slowly: a true "meditation cheese"!