Pasta Recipes

Can you imagine Italian cuisine without pasta recipes? No, it’s impossible! Pasta is a staple food of this culture: it’s a very simple food, prepared with a flour and water dough, and seasoned with several different sauces. Everyone can find his favorite pasta type!

Learn about how to prepare delicious homemade pasta and have fun with our recipes.

 Mother's Day Gift

A Special Mother's Day Gourmet Gift Basket: an Italian Taste Experience

To celebrate your mom this year you can choose a special mother's day gift:  a gourmet gift basket, for example, is a wonderful mother's day gift idea...

Tomato Sauces for Pasta

5 Authentic Italian Tomato Sauces for Pasta Recipes

Some of the most delicious tomato sauces for pasta, protagonists of Italian regional cusine, from the quick and easy Puttanesca sauce to the slow-cooked Bolognese.

gluten free Italian spaghetti

Gluten Free Spaghetti Recipe with Turnip Greens, Buffalo Mozzarella and Anchovy

This gluten free pasta recipe is absolutely tasty and can be cooked with all kinds of pasta. The main ingredients are Buffalo Mozzarella, Anchovies and Turnip Greens. 

colored pasta

Gourmet Flavored Pasta: How to Dye Pasta to Eat

Colors are happiness! Think about how can be funny and cool prepare different colored pasta for your special occasions! Only natural ingredient to create your gourmet pasta recipe.

Spaghetti with seafood, lime and ginger

Pasta with Seafood, Ginger and Lime Sauce

Simplicity and delicacy are the main features of this seafood pasta recipe. Choose fresh mixed seafood, add ginger and lime, and celebrate summer! 

Spaghetti with bottarga dish

Spaghetti with Bottarga and Lemon Zest

Spaghetti with bottarga is a first course characterized by an intense and strong taste, in this recipe made more delicate thanks to the sweetness of the shallot and freshness of the lemon zest.

pasta amatriciana Italian recipe

Bucatini Amatriciana, the Authentic Amatriciana Recipe From Italy

The bucatini Amatriciana are a simple but exceptionally tasty Italian dish. Follow our tips and you will make the best pasta Amatriciana recipe of your life.

pasta with chickpeas and nduja

Pasta with Chickpeas and 'Nduja

Calabrian nduja is a spreadable pork salami, perfect spread on some bread, or to make delicious pasta loke this tasty 'nduja pasta sauce with chickpeas.

puttanesca sauce recipe

Puttanesca Best Recipe

Today we propose a simple and tasty and easy pasta recipe: “Pasta alla puttanesca”. Cherry tomatoes, Italian pasta, olives, oregano and... love for food!