Oil and Olives

Oil and Olives are typical ingredients of the Mediterranean culinary tradition, and very versatile food products that can be used in a huge number of recipes and dishes af any type: main courses, salads and side dishes. The uses of olives and oil are really uncontable.

Collected mostly in September and October, olives can not be immediately consumed but require are left in brine until. Curing olives is extremely important to eliminate the typical bitter taste of olives.

Extra virgin olive oil has nutritional benefits: there is a large concentration of antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Find out the characteristics of the most perstigious types of olives in the world. Discover how to eat olives and and a number of olive recipes that will give your meals a special flavor!

Martini cocktail with Castelvetrano olive

Castelvetrano Olives and Martini Cocktail: the Original Recipe

Martini cocktail how was it created? What's the original recipe? And above all, should the olive be served in the glass or aside? Here are our answers.


Imperia, and One of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the World

If you are looking for the best quality olive oil in the world and a heaven of sea, food and culture, Imperia and its valleys are the perfect destination for you.

ingredients for no butter baking recipes

Baking with Oil Instead of Butter for Healthier Recipes

Cakes and other sweets very often require the use of butter. Yet, did you know you can replace butter with olive oil in baking? Here are our tips and suggestions.

green and black olives

The Benefits of Eating Olives Every Day

Are olives healthy? Discover the characteristics of green and black olives and all the benefits of this fantastic Mediterranean food for your health.

Mediterranean healthy salad

10 Tips and Types of Mediterranean Food to Live Better

What's Mediterranean Diet and how to start it? Our 10 advices about the most important features of Mediterranean cuisine. 10 Simples rules to eat and live better.

meckerel fillets with onions

Simple Mackerel Fillets Recipe with Olives and Onions

A real cure-all recipe, very easy and delicious: mackerel fillets with green olives and onions, made with Castelvetrano olives, famous as one of the most delicious type of olives in the world. 

easter roast lamb

Messina-Style Lamb, a Sicilian Easter Recipe

A delicious roast lamb with red wine, Pecorino cheese and black olives, a traditional Sicilian Easter recipe. A mix of Mediterranean flavors for your Sunday Easter recipes.

stuffed olives with cheese

Deep Fried Olives Stuffed With Cheese

A delicious olives and cheese appetizer, perfect for a party or a dinner with friends. Try also the yummy and healthier not fryed stuffed olives version.

cheese and olives quiche

Cheese and Olive Pie Recipe

A savory cheese and olives recipe, quick and easy to make, the perfect recipe for an appetizer with your friends or as a main course.