Meat Recipes

Italian meatballs

Italian BBQ Idea: Grilled Meatballs

Grilled meatballs are a funny and tasty idea for your summer barbecue. Try these Italian-style grilled meatballs, an original bbq idea!

thanksgiving stuffed turkey burger

Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Brie and Cranberry Sauce

A Thanksgiving turkey burger with Brie and cranberry sauce, classic flavors combined in an unusual way for an original Thanksgiving dinner.

Chicken Burger with Camembert

4th of July BBQ Recipe: Gourmet Chicken Burger

Add this recipe to your traditional 4th of July menu and give your classic burgers an original touch that will make your BBQ special!

Grilled stuffed peppers

Grilled Pork-Stuffed Peppers with Cheese and Bacon

Are you looking for a new barbecue recipe to delight your friends? Try this delicious grilled stuffed peppers recipe and taste the flavor of summer!

 Roast Leg of Kid

Easter Roast Leg of Kid with Truffle

An Easter main course recipe that your guests will love. Enriched by the unique taste of truffle, this roast leg of kid is crazy delicious.

Thanksgiving turkey

Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe: Stuffed Turkey with Speck and Apples

Looking for interesting thanksgiving recipe ideas? Try this Italian variation of the traditional Thanksgiving stuffed turkey.