Provolone Mandarone Cheese

Provolone Mandarone cheese

Provolone is a semi-hard cheese originated in Southern Italy, however, its history its curious. In the first half of the nineteenth century some cheesemakers from Naples moved to northern Italy brionging with them the ancient craftsmanship and the production tecnhiques to make Provolone.

Today this cheese is a typical and exclusive product of Valpadana whereas it almost disappeared in the Southern regions.

Provolone Cheese: Taste and Characteristics

Provolone can be found in different sizes. The biggest ones are called “Mandarone”, having the shape ofa big “mandarino” (mandarin). But it's not just a matter of weight. The Mandarone is one of the types most suitable for aging, and only after a long maturation you can fully the special and extraordinary flavor of this cheese.

In aged wheels the paste is tough yet pliable, of a deep straw color, and the taste is very fruity and spicy.

How to Serve Provolone Cheese

This Provolone cheese best pairs with full bodied, aged red wines and is excellente served with spicy fruit chutney or spicy quince jam. With homemade bread.

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