Grana Padano Cheese

Grana Padano is a hard grating cheese produced in the Po Valley, a symbol of the Italian gastronomic prodcution all over the world.
Made from semi-skimmed cow's milk, Grana Padano is a semi-fat cheese, finely grained, with a white or straw color paste enclosed by a hard and thick dark yellow rind. Grana Padano is aged on average 16 months. Our Grana is aged 24 months.
With its fragrant aroma and a persistent flavor, Grana is excellent tasted as a table cheese. Yet, it is perfect to be used as an ingredient in meat fillings or vegetables, in quiches or gratins in the oven or as a condiment for pasta, risotto, soups and salads cereal, or served with Carpaccio.

Grana Padano lends itself to unusual combinations with fruit, jams and honey or in unusual dessert. It pairs well with white sparkling wines as an aperitif; and with mature red wines during or after meals.

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