Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses deserve a place of honour on our tables and in the kitchen. Percect as table cheese or in recipes, they are long aged, crumbly and dry.

Provolone Mandarone cheese

Provolone Mandarone Cheese

Provolone is a semi-hard cheese originated in Southern Italy, although day it is a typical and exclusive product of Valpadana whereas it almost disappeared in the Southern regions.

Cheddar DOP cheese

Cheddar is a hard cheese made from cow's milk, semi-cooked and pressed. Very popular throughout the English-speaking world, it is appreciated worldwide.

Pecorino di Filiano DOP

Pecorino di Filiano is a hard DOP cheese, made from whole sheep's milk in the province of Potenza, in the South of Italy.

Grana Padano Cheese

Grana Padano is a hard grating cheese produced in the Po Valley, a symbol of the Italian gastronomic prodcution all over the world.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the oldest and richest cheeses in the world. Nowadays it is sitll produced as in the past, using the same genuine ingredients, cheese-making technique, and craftsmanship.

Pecorino Siciliano DOP Cheese

Pecorino is the oldest cheese in Sicily and, most likely, Europe. It is produced on the whole island and has been recognized with protected designation of origin (DOP).
In general the dairymen-farmers still adopt traditional techniques and tools to make this delicious Italian sheep cheese: wood casks, the tinned copper boiler, the "fascedde"rushes, direct fire (wood or gas).
It is a hard cheese, produced exclusively with whole sheep's milk, in the period between October and June.