Italian Ham

If you love Italian cuisine you absolutely have to taste Parma ham (prosciutto crudo di Parma), which together with the San Daniele ham is one of the most famous products of Italian charcuterie: they are both dry-cured cured hams with a delicate flavor and a great taste.

Read our tips and discover how to use these delicious hams in your recipes.

italian picnic ideas

7 Traditional Italian Picnic Ideas

7 picnic Italian-style ideas, easy and quick to prepare, using simple and tasty ingredients that not need to be cooked, of course. For the perfect spring picnic!

piadina romagnola without filling

Piadina Recipe with Olive Oil, the Italian Flat Bread from Romagna

Used as substitute of bread, the Piadina hails from the Romagna area, but is popular all around the world. Try this light version of this yummy flat bread.

How to Make Bruschetta: 5 Ideas with Italian Cheese

Five delicious bruschetta ideas to make the perfect Italian-style appetizer. Read our guide and learn how to make the original bruschetta at home.

savory cheesecake

Savory Cheesecake with Stracchino and Italian Ham

savory cheesecake recipea savory variant, perfect for salty lovers. This no bake Cheesecake recipe is very simple and easy to prepare.

cheese crepes

Savory Crepes with Brie Cheese, Ham and Olives

Here is a a simple and quick a delicious main dish for any occasion: ham and cheese crepes. Adults and children will love it!

ham baskets with pear and cheese

Crispy Ham Baskets Stuffed with Stracchino Cheese and Pears

It's an easy and elegant holiday appetizer recipe that you can prepare for a family lunch rather than for a dinner with friends.

Speck cones with Robiola and herbs

Speck Cones with Robiola Cheese and Herbs

Are you looking for a a refined and quick antipasto recipe? These Speck cones with thyme, chive and Robiola are perfect for you.

italian prosciutto ham

Prosciutto San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma: Head to Head

Prosciutto is world renowned Italian excellence. Choosing the best one is a tough challenge!

prosciutto san daniele italian ham

Prosciutto San Daniele DOP, Italian Ham from Friuli

Along with Parma ham, Prosciutto San Daniele can be considered one of Italy's most precious type of dry-cured meat.