Halloween Recipes

Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations of the year among children. In the evening of October 31 the streets are filled with joyful children dressed as witches, vampires and zombies in search of treats.

To make this occasion really special, Sensibus suggests you a number of easy Halloween recipes for kids and adults too.

Browse our Halloween dinner recipes, from appetizers to desserts, and happy All Hallows' Eve!

gratin pumpkin recipe

Fall Vegetable Recipe: Pumpkin Gratin with Parmesan Cheese

The pumpkin is starring in today's recipe, a tasty fall vegetable recipe, and a quick and easy side dish: pumpkin gratin with cheese.

 dead man's bones Italian cookies

Sicilian Bones of the Dead Cookies: Halloween Biscuit Ideas

Halloween is coming, and today we suggest you an original idea coming from far: the Sicilian bones of the dead cookies, made with ground and sugar mixture.

chilly chocolate cake with berry

Halloween Party Food for Adults: Chilli Chocolate Cake with Berry Sauce

Today we want to dedicate two great recipes to those who look for Halloween treats for adults: an easy chocolate cake with chilli and cherries.

halloween chocolate treat

Homemade Halloween Treats with Dark Chocolate

Time of monsters and pupkins... Halloween is coming! Here we are with some spooky Halloween treats, a chocolate idea for  children and adults!

pumpkin honey ginger cake

Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Cake with Honey and Ginger

Discover how to prepare this soft pumpkin pie Halloween recipe. A quick and simple recipe with ginger and honey.


pumpkin fried balls

Halloween Dessert: Sweet Fried Pumpkin Balls

A finger food Halloween recipe to prepare for your party. A delicious fried dessert, perfect for the pumpkin's lovers, both kids and adults!

halloween cupcakes

Halloween Cupcake Recipe... for Kids and Adults!

This is not definitely a Halloween recipe with low sugar, but we promise you: it is the best cupcakes recipe ever!

pumpkin lasagna with cheese and speck

Halloween Dinner Recipes: Lasagne with Pumpkin, Cheese and Speck

This lasagna with pumpkin, caciocavallo cheese and speck ham is a typical October dish, and a perfect Halloween food idea.

halloween treat savory mummies

Halloween Recipes for Kids: Puff Pastry Mummies

The perfect easy Halloween treats for your children and for those who will knock at your door. A savory snack that your children will adore!