thanksgiving gift basket idea

Unique Thanksgiving Gifts to Say “Thank you”

Say "Thank you!" to your friends with a delicious Thanksgiving food basket idea. An original present for special holidays!


In the US we open the holiday season with the Thanksgiving day. Turkey and cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving menu, the traditional parade through the streets of New York, and the seartch to the best Thanksgiving gifts for family and friends . But why?

Thanksgiving Day has its origins in the early seventeenth century, when 102 Puritans left Plymouth, in England, in search of a new world where to profess their faith freely. The stormy transatlantic crossing lasted 66 days and, after a further month, the ship was moored in what today is called Plymouth, in Massachusetts. Half of the Pilgrim Fathers, however, died of starvation and disease before the arrival of spring, and in March the other settlers moved to the mainland, where they learned from the Native Americans to cultivate maize. In November, the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest with the first Thanksgiving dinner in history, shared with Native Americans. That's why today, according to tradition, we still celebrate with a great meal at home to share with family and friends offering and our Thanksgiving menu includes dishes such as stuffed turkey with vegetables, potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, bread and pies.

If you have been invited to a dinner for that day, you are probably thinking of a Thanksgiving hostess gift idea to give to your friends. An original idea would be a special delicious Thanksgiving gift basket.

thanksgiving food gift

Thanksgiving food gift baskets

Making up customised Thanksgiving dinner gifts to thank your friends or clients is an original and dfinitely successful idea.

Cheeses and jams for delicious sauces, balsamic vinegar for a unique Thanksgiving vinaigrettes, olive patés or truffle butter for luxurious appetizers, spciy n'duja sauce to warm up the party!

And if you really want to astonish everybody, add to your Thanksgiving food gift a prized white or black truffle from Italy.

In fact, on you can buy Thankgiving gift baskets made right for this special occasion, but you can also set up your own basket, adding the speicialty food you prefer.

Finally, take a look at our Thanksgiving recipe ideas, with some great original dishes to serve to your houseguests, from appetizers and sauces to dessert, including the unmissable stuffed turkey.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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