Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Baskets: Relish Tray Ideas

Are you looking for special Thanksgiving relish tray ideas? These Thanksgiving Baskets will be perfect to welcome your guests or will be an amazing Thanksgiving gift for your loved ones.


November, time to to start thinking to some super Thanksgiving relish tray ideas. It doesn't matter whether you'll invite your family at home or you'll be a guest. A Thanksgiving relish tray will be perfect to welcome your guests but will also be a perfect present.

A relish tray for Thanksgiving should be rich of deli products that must be selected with love and care. Genuine food of the highest quality, fresh artisanal ingredients... these are the right characteristics of a special Thanksgiving gift basket.

So, if you are looking for modern relish tray ideas for Thanksgiving, you'll find our tips very helpful.

Thanksgiving Appetizer


The first of our relish tray ideas for the holidays is the Thanksgiving appetizer gift basket, perfect for those who love deli meat and cheese trays to start special meals. It is also the ideal Thanksgiving gift for family since it meets the taste of both adults and kids.

Our gift basket contains:

  • 1 package of sliced Prosciutto Crudo;
  • Northern Gold cheese;
  • Cremeux de Citeaux cheese;
  • Salsecco Dry Cured Olives;
  • Alce Nero Plum Jam.  

This Thanksgiving gift basket will delight who love Italian-style aperitivos, while waiting for the traditional turkey getting ready.

Cremeux de Citeaux is a triple crème French cheese, rich in butterfat with a thin, edible, pillowy white rind. A luscious cheese for special celebrations!

Northern Gold is 100% Californian artisanal cheese made in at Pedrozo' dairy, with raw milk from pasture-grazed cows. A genuine cheese with a smooth texture and a sepcial nutty flavor. 

What's better than an organic plum jam to accompany these creamy and buttery cheeses? 

Jams and cheeses are a special combination. Yet, plum jam perfectly pairs with another food: prosciutto crudo, Italian cured ham.

Finally, our gift basket includes excellent Italian dry cured olives.

To prepare an excellent appetizer place the cheeses on a board, add some baked bread and put plum jam and srips of cured prosciutto on eanch slice. Serve with a good red wine, and don't forget to provide a proper cheese knife! 


Thanksgiving Cheese Platter


Impossible to choose the best cheese for a Thanksgiving cheese platter. That's why we selected 5 special cheeses for such an important celebration:

  • Pecorino di Filiano cheese;
  • Caprino Cremoso with Truffle;
  • Cusie with Chestnut Leaves;
  • Taleggio DOP;
  • Blu del Moncenisio.

This basket is dedicated to cheese lovers and refined palates. In fact, they are not just cheeses, but some of the most luscious cheeses you can find on the market. So, be aware that you are not just giving a cheese basket to your loved one, but a special epicurious experience. 

Pecorino di Filiano is a firm cheese hailing the Italian region of Basilicata. It is made from sheep milk and was granted the Protected designation of origin.

Caprino Cremoso with Truffle is a fresh goat cheese with earthy truffle, a dreamy little cheese from Piedmont with a sublime taste. 

Cusie with Chestnut Leaves is a "grand" cheese by Beppino Occelli made from cow's milk and wrapped in chestnut leaves which give this chees a very distinctive flavor.

And here is the popular Taleggio, ​the Italian soft-ripened, washed-rind cheese, that with its fruity, meaty goodness will reconcile everybody. 

Finally, we find an exceptional Blu del Moncenisio, a fantastic blue cheese  aged and exported by Luigi Guffanti, who ages some of the best cheeses coming out of Italy.  

Arrange this excellent cheeses on a board and serve them with organic honey and a traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

If you want to give these collection to your loved ones as Thanksgiving gifts, make your purchase in advance and add a customised message. We'll deliver them on time!   

If you didn't find the perfect combination of products, you can also make your customized basket or look for more Thanksgiving gift basket ideas among our gourmet gift collections. You can choose to make a fantastic all-American or French cheese tray. Or to be inspired by the Italian tradition. It's up to you taste!


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