Mother's Day Gift

A Special Mother's Day Gourmet Gift Basket: an Italian Taste Experience

To celebrate your mom this year you can choose a special mother's day gift:  a gourmet gift basket, for example, is a wonderful mother's day gift idea...


"Mom is always mom!" says an Italian common saying: mom is your shelter, she gives you the right comfort words in hard times, and she rejoices for all your accomplishments. Sometimes you can disagree, with her, but she will always be there for you.

Have you already tought about the present for this Mother's Day? To celebrate your mom, this year take a special mother's day gift.

A gourmet gift basket, for example, is a wonderful mother's day gift idea: put in your basket stuffed pasta, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan and gourmet sauces and give her a precious taste experience. We propose you some perfect combinations, with two types of pasta and two sauces, oil and parmesan, but you can choose your (or her) favourite ingredients and create your personal gift basket.

mothers day gift basket idea

Our selection for a mother's day gift basket:


Obviously the surprise will be even bigger if you will cook for her. Don't worry, if you are not a professional chef, in the gift basket for mom you can put delicious ready-to-use sauces: you just have to put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and warm it over low heat; than add the sauce, stir and cook for a few minutes, meanwhile boil salted water in a large pan, add the pasta and when it's "al dente", drain it and pour in the sauce. Stir and serve it hot!

Mother's Day Gourmet Gift Card


sensibus gift card

If you believe that she deserves to be celebrated every day of the year, we propose you a gourmet present for mom: Sensibus Gift E-Card. You enter your personalized message and your mother will receive it by email. The, she will be able to use the credit you chose for her and purchase her favorite products whenever she wants (the card has no time limitations).