Mother's Day Baskets: a Personalized Gift for Your Mom

Are you ready to pay homage to your mother in a special way with a unique Mother's Day gift? Choose one of our incredible gift baskets!



Are you ready to pay homage to your mother in a special way with a unique Mother's Day gift? Her day is coming, and it could be nice to surprise her with an unusual and original gift that will make her feel privileged. So, what are the best gifts for mom?
Well, honestly there are many nice gifts idea for moms, and the choice often dipends on her personality and taste. But there is one think that makes every mom in the world happy: gourmet food.
So, why don't you choose one of our incredible gift baskets? Or make a mother's day personalized gift, choosing the ingredients that your mother loves the most. So, get ready to make a unique deli basket.


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Choose your Mother's Day BasKet


There are many mother's day baskets to make, and we want to suggest you some combinations, each one with a particular underlying theme.
This is our suggestion for a delicious "mother's day truffle basket".

  • Fresh Black Summer Truffle. The black truffle, whose scientific name is Tuber aestivum Vitt., is also commonly called "scorzone" due to its thick coating that allows to distinguish it at the first glance from the prized Norcia black truffle (scorza is the Italian word for rind, bark). It is often bigger than other types of truffles, and can easily reach a 7/10-ounce weight. Another feature that makes it easily recognizable is a small cavity on its base, which is more flattened than in other truffles. The rind color ranges from very dark brown to deep black; it has a globular conformation and small pyramid-shaped warts.The voluptuous versatility of black truffle and its unique ability to turn every simple dish really unique, make this underground fungus absolutely special.
  • Cremeux des Citeaux with Truffles, from affineur Rodolphe Le Meunier. This cow’s milk triple crème cheese has a dense and full flavor. Rich in butterfa,t with a thin, edible, pillowy white rind, it melts in your mouth giving you all the taste of fresh cream and light white mushroom.  It pairs nicely with a good Prosecco.
  • Moliterno with Truffle. And after a creamy and delicate cheese, it's the time of Moliterno with truffles, a full-bodied, semihard sheep cheese hailing from the South of Italy. The white inner paste is veined by black truffles, and has a powerful, intense flavor and hints of stable, while the outer rind shows the typical basket weave marks due to the draining mould.
  • Italian Handcrafted Salami with Truffles. An artisanal salami produced using high quality ingredients only, enriched with black summer truffles and white truffle oil. A real a treat for special occasions like Mother's Day!
  • Black Truffle Paté. A paté where black truffle and porcini and champignon mushrooms achieve the perfect balance. Perfect served on crostini, bruschetta, or to accompany red meats, and roasted or boiled fish.
  • Black Truffle Salt and Black Truffle Olive Oil, to give a special taste to any recipe.
  • Black Truffle Honey, excellent to be tasted with aged table cheeses.


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Alternatively, celebrate your mother with a Gourmet Gift Card so that she can buy what she likes the most on our Deli Store.

And if you really want to outdo, organize a surprise Mother's day brunch. Because moms deserve this and more!


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Cover image: Black truffle by Kevin Tao used under CC BY-ND 2.0
Mason Jars by Shizzy used under CC BY-ND 2.0
The Black Truffle by Umbria Lovers used under CC BY-SA 2.0