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High End Gift Baskets: Truffle Collections

What to give for Thanksgiving to thank someone really special? Here's our proposal: a truffle basket that would make anyone happy!


What to give for Thanksgiving to thank someone really special? Here's our proposal: a truffle basket that would make anyone happy!

Unique gift baskets can be really unforgettable, for this reason Sensibus offers you a wide range of ideas, for any taste and budget: with meat, cheese, honey, sweets, etc. Yet, this is definitely one of the most elegant present ideas we offer, a luxury gift basket full of truffle products directly from the hands of the truffle farmer, able to add a special flavor to any important dinner.

And if you love such a unique ingredient, take a look at our Truffle Gift Collections: Truffle Luxury Gift BasketTruffle Collection and, last but not least, a combination of truffle products we suggest you to make your own specIal basket. High end gift baskets that will leave those who receive them literally breathless.

On Sensibus you can find the right answer if you are wondering what to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner: a selecton of gourmet products and collections that will satisfy the finest palates.

Woud you like to make your own truffle gift basket? Here's our combination of products for you:

Black Truffle Butter is made by Beppino Occelli by processing the butter with the addition of black summer truffle in pieces and in absolutely extraordinary amount (6%), without using any artificial flavor. Great in pasta, fondue set and pasties, this truffle butter is great even simply spread on toasted bread for a tasty and delicious appetizer or added to the classic fried eggs.

Black Truffle Salt gives each recipe the unmistakable and unique flavor of the truffle. In the kitchen it can be used in any dish that requires salting, as a substitute of classic salt. 

Extra Virgin Black Truffle Oil can be used to flavor pasta, to season meat or fish and cooked vegetables. It can be used raw, adding it before serving, or during cooking for example in omelets or meat etc. If used raw, the flavor and aroma of black truffle ca be better appreciated.

Black Truffle Honey joins a delicate Italian honey to the unmistakable flavor of the truffle. Great as a product to be enjoyed alone, it reaches its maximum expression when served with Italian and French cheeses, in particular aged cheeses with a slightly sharp taste.

If you love cheese, you can also add one of our special truffle cheeses.

Main image: The Bazaar - Dinner by Ernesto Andrade, CC BY- ND 2.0