Cheese and Salami Baskets

Father's Day Gift Idea: Cheese and Salami Baskets

Celebrate in a special way one of the most important persons of your life with a gourmet gift basket for father’s day made with product of high quality selected with care right for your dad.


Are you looking for an original father’s day gift idea? To celebrate in a special way one of the most important persons of your life, you have to find a present that expresses your love for him. A dad is a sweet, protective and funny mentor that will accompany during all of your life, he often represents a hero! So, what better occasion to celebrate your father with an amazing surprise? We propose you a particular idea: a gourmet gift basket for father’s day made with product of high quality selected with care right for your dad.

In fact, you can also prepare a picnic to celebrate this occasion with relatives and friends, maybe in a wonderful lawn during a sunny day. Make a basket full of amazing delicacy for your Father's Day picnic and he will surely appreciate it.  But what to put in a father's day gift basket? We suggest you a classic but delicious combination: salamis and cheeses. This pairing is perfect to make a simple appetizer for a picnic or an aperitif, a fast and tasty solution to surprise and make your father happy!

You can choose many types of matches between cheeses and slices of salami or also spreadable salami to be served with bread and crackers, add a good wine, and here is the perfect gift for your dad!

Special Gift for Father’s Day: Cheese and Salami Basket


Cheese and salami

If you want to organize a father’s day picnic or simple spend this day with your dad, this gift idea is ideal to show him all your love. Well, let's see together which cheese and salami choose for your gift basket. 

Cheddar is the most famous English cheese, made with cow’s milk using century-old techniques, and it is characterized by a strong and intense flavor. In particular, Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle is one of the most renowned cheddars for its extremely high quality. In fact, this has received the Protection Designation of Origin (DOP) designation. Piquant flavor and hard but crumby texture make this cheese really special and delicious to taste.

We also propose you a selection of salami made on the basis of traditional recipes of Italian regions and high quality techniques. Allepia’s artisan salamis, in fact, are made in California by an Italian family that continues to realize these products using pigs fed with vegetarian diet and with controlled and safe guidelines.

You can choose the light and fresh savor of Cacciatorino, a small, aged an fruity salami characterized by flavors of juniper berries and Chianti wine typical of Tuscany; or a dry and piquant salami made in the basis of traditional Calabrian recipes, made with pork meat and red chiliy; or you can choose another delicious Allepia’s salamis, the famous Finocchiona with its strong flavor of fennel, licorice and black pepper.

To make a fantastic father’s day picnic recipe, prepare a board arranging slices of cheddar alternated with thin slices of salami. You can also add fried fruit like walnuts or drops of honey and jam. We sure that you father will love this delicious gift.

You can also use spreadable salami on some slices of bread or crackers and serve them with cheddar. It’s a simple and fast idea to celebrate with taste father’s day. In the choice of right spreadable salami, we suggest a high quality product typical of Calabria, Allepia’s Nduja. It’s a famous spicy pork spread of this region renowned for its piquant flavor obtained by mixing red chili peppers, sundried tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin oil. It is an Italian specialty perfect to accompany cheese and other salamis for an appetizer or aperitif. It is made in California but with traditional Calabrian techniques.

To complete the surprise add a good Italian wine: a ful-bdied Barolo or a soft and tannic Chianti are perfect!

Don’t worry if Father’s day is coming, you can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with fast and customize your gift box with stickers and messages or your father!

Cheese and Meat Board by L.A. FoodieCC BY 2.0 

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