Father's Day Gift Basket with Italian Delicatessen

gourmet gift basket idea

Have you already bought your father's day gift? No? We have a delicious idea for you: a gift basket full of Italian delicatessen. If your father loves to celebrate this day with a barbecue, this basket could be the perfect present to make a savory and luscious appetizer. It's a special gourmet father's day gift idea, and you can't go wrong with this present!

Giving gifts is always a special moment, but actually it can be stressful if you don't know exactly what to buy. To simplify this process think about what your dad loves to do. It's not important to make a too expensive gift, it's important that your gifts for dad are from the heart, and it's even better if it offers your dad an opportunity to spend good time with you.

A gift basket is a great father's day gift, especially if your father is a lover of Italian food.
In this basket you will find:

  • Sliced Speck $ 7.49 (3 oz): Speck is an Italian cured meat Speck, it's prepared with selected pork legs, seasoned with spices and smoked with particular wood.
  • Handcrafted Italian Salami $ 10.99 (6 oz): Allepia's dry cured Salami is based on traditional Italian salami recipe. This “Cacciatorino”, a typical Tuscan salami, made still following the ancient recipe: it's flavored with juniper berries and Chianti wine, irresistible!
  • Italian Olives $ 6.49 (10.6 oz): Olives are a perfects for all yours appetizer, this selection contains: Castelvetrano, Taggiasca and White Gaeta olives, the most famous and prestigious Italian olives.
  • Potter’s Crackers $ 8.00 (6 oz): Tasty crackers flavored with rosemary and thyme from The Potter's organic farm in California.
Father's Day Gourmet Gift Card


Father's day gift card

A gourmet gift card is an alternative gift idea for dad: you decide the amount of the gift, and you can personalize it with your special wish message for your father. Your dad will receive an e-mail certificate with a code number, that he will be able to use to buy his favourites gourmet products.