Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: Specialty Food Gifts at Your Fingertips

christmas food basket idea

Are you looking for unique gifts for your loved ones for this Christmas?

Holiday baskets are useful and generally highly appreciated by those who receive them.

Specialty food gifts for Christmas are perfect for everybody: for your relatives and friends, but also for company employees or for your boss.

In supermarkets and shopping centers you can find plenty of Christmas hampers that usually do not meet our needs since they are "generic" and expensive, since the price is often not appropriate to the content.

The solution is a DIY Xmas baskets full of specialty food chosen according to the tastes of those who will receive it.

The first step is to think about what we want to put in it. You can choose to make a sweet, savory or mixed basket (which is more acceptable).

Establish the amount you want to spend. If you are giving the basket to your old single aunt, don't put in big quantities of each product: reduce size and prefer variety.

christmas gift basket

Now, it's time to choose what to put in your unique Christmas basket: you can't definitely forget to put in it traditional Christmas sweets such as panettone, pandoro, panforte or torrone.

If you opt for a sweet Christmas food gift you can also add chocolates, candy bars, jam jars.

Otherwise move to the savory “rack” and choose among cheeses (Parmesan, Pecorino and many more), extra virgin olive oil, Italian pasta, balsamic vinegar and truffles.

Finally, you can make a mixed Christmas basket full of pasta, sauces, cheeses and sweets.

Add a customized Christmas card and tell us where to send the basket! Your loved ones will be happy to share your present with you.

christmas food gift