american gourmet gift basket

American Gourmet Gift Basket for a special Thanksgiving

After years as a host, this time you will finally be a Thanksgiving guest. So, what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner? We suggest you an all-American gourmet gift basket.


The fourth Thursday of November is close, that means that Thanksgiving is coming. After years as a host, this time you will finally be a guest. So, what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner?
You are problably racking your brain searching for an original Thanksgiving Gift Basket for your host. Follow our tips: a collection of holiday gourmet foods will be definitely appreciated. Sweet or savory, refined food is never a bad choice if you want to make a special present. And if your host is generous, he will sahre all this goodness with you and th opther guests! So, choose the products you like most and make your own Thanksgiving gift basket.
Since we are talking of an all-American feast, we have decide to suggest you an American Gourmet Gift Basket, full of equisite products made in USA.

pedrozo tartufello cheese with truffle

  • Tartufello is made by the Pedrozo's family in the SacramentoValley from raw cow's milk. Tartufello is a unique cheese that gourmet will definitely appreciate. Black truffle specks enrich the cheese paste, giving it a earthy, mushroomy flavor. It’s a decadent cheese that will elevate any dish.
  • Capra Stanislaus. This cheese is suitable to vegetrarians too, being made using vegetarian rennet. An aged goat cheese with a dense, and slightly salty pste, with milk caramel notes and a toasted, nutty finish.
  • Potter's Rosemary Thyme crisps. Made in Sacramento area using local ingredients only and certified as organic, these special American gourmet snacks are perfect with cheese.
  • Barolo Italian Salami. A robust artisan salami made in California, using traditional old family recipes and enriched with Barolo wine produced by a local winery.

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potter's thyme and rosemary crisps